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Samajsevarth is a centralized web based Integrated System of personnel information and Payroll for Grant-in-Aid Institution in Maharashtra. It is an important component of IFMS (Intregrated Finance Management System) with facility for data exchange with other important modules of Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries. It is the first step in the direction of achieving the aim of paper less electronic payroll system i.e. paybill generation, electronic submission, electronic audit and electronic payment to employees along with e-payslips.

  • For Post Creation or Password Reset, kindly contact Mr. Pedgaokar (Contact No: 022-22793781, Mail ID: or Mr. Joshi (Contact No: 7498381421, Mail ID:

  • For any changes in employee details, forward details to level 2 ddo for approval.

  • Attention : Kindly complete the voucher entry process for previous month paybill before generating paybill for current month.

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